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My wife asked me what I wanted for Xmas… I asked for a BJ

She said that's sexual harassment!

C'mon, That's what I want! It's not a joke!

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Four girls took lift in a car full of engineers… Since no place available, they sat on each boys’ lap…

After 5 minutes…

Girl1: are you an Electronics & Communication engineer..

Boy1: how do you know..?

Girl1: your tower is communicating with my unreachable area…

Girl2: are you an IT engineer..?

Boy2 : how do you know..?

Girl2: your pendrive is trying to connect with my usb drive…

Girl3: are you a mechanical engineer..?

Boy3: how do you know..?

Girl3: Your piston is trying to move into my cylinder..

Girl4: are u a civil engineer..?

Boy4: how do u know..?

Girl4: Your dam has broken and flooded my village..

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According to Mechanical Engineers, WOMEN are the Best Vehicle in the World.

  1. 2 bumpers in front.

  2. 2 bumpers in back.

  3. Self-lubricating when hot.

  4. Finger touch ignition.

  5. Monthly automatic engine oil change.

  6. Every type of PISTON Fitting facility.

  7. Highest milage of 9 Months at just 2ml.

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Talk dirty to me

An elderly couple is lying naked in their bed.

He says to her: Talk dirty to me.

She says: I just shat in the bed!

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What comes after 69?


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What’s the scariest Halloween costume?

A condom… Because everyone is afraid of it!

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